ZOLL Pedi-Padz II Pediatric Defibrillator Pads, AED Pediatric Pads

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ZOLL Pedi-Padz work with ZOLL AEDs to provide the right shock for smaller patients, as ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED 3 detect that Pedi Padz II are connected and performs a pediatric ECG. ZOLL AEDs use different algorithms and energy levels for children and adults to ensure proper and effective treatment is delivered for each patient

Product attributes:
  • Two (2) year shelf-life
  • For use with ZOLL defibrillators. Compatible with ZOLL AED Plus , ZOLL AED 3 and ZOLL AED Pro
  • Easy to pull open and use without delay
  • Pads can be placed on either position on the chest, saving time during a rescue
  • For use on children less than 8 years of age or less than 55lbs (25kg)

 Additional information:

  • Operating temperature: 0◦C to 50◦C (32◦F to 122◦F)
  • Short term storage temperature: -30◦C to 65◦C (-22◦F to 149◦F)
  • Long term storage temperature: 0◦C to 35◦C (32◦F to 95◦F)