Vinyl Gloves (100/box) Corestar Powder-Free, Latex-Free

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Vinyl Gloves (100/box) Corestar Powder-Free, Latex-Free is the perfect solution to keep hands safe when a person must go out in public places. They protect hands and prevent direct skin contact with high traffic public surfaces such as door handles, gas pumps, card readers, ATM machines, and more.

These Vinyl Gloves (100/box) Corestar Powder-Free, Latex-Free are multi-purpose and cost-effective. They are a good option for short-term, low-risk tasks, designed for use in both home and workplace environments such as the foodservice industry. They have a looser fit than nitrile gloves and are one of the most economic options for one-time use, disposable gloves. They come with a handy tissue box-style dispenser for storage.

Those high-quality vinyl gloves can be used across industries:

Food processing and service: Vinyl gloves keep food preparation, processing, and service areas hygienic. They can help prevent cross-contamination and protect food being prepared.

Hairdressing and beauty industries: Beauty and hairdressing professionals routinely encounter chemicals like nail polish and hair dyes. Vinyl gloves protect their skin from harm.

Janitorial: Vinyl disposable gloves protect janitorial staff from bleach and other chemicals used to perform everyday tasks.

Healthcare: In the healthcare industry, vinyl gloves are essential PPE used for exams, testing, and other procedures. They protect healthcare professionals from pathogens and help prevent the spread of illness.

Hospitality: In hotels and other hospitality facilities, disposable vinyl gloves can be worn for sanitary protection when completing janitorial tasks.

Laboratory: Whether during a chemical experiment or when working with biological samples, vinyl gloves protect lab workers from exposure.

General industry: If exposure to chemicals, cleaners, and other dangerous substances are possible, powder-free vinyl gloves are a necessity.

Product attributes:

  • Vinyl
  • Ambidextrous left and right, for adults, men, women
  • Powder-free
  • Latex and rubber free
  • Disposable
  • Food use tested for foodservice prep and handling
  • Beaded Cuff
  • Non-toxic, non-sterile, and without any peculiar smell

Additional information:

  • Vinyl Gloves Medium: 7.5” around the palm
  • Vinyl Gloves Large: 8” around the palm
  • 4 mil thickness
  • 100 gloves in one box
  • Made of polyvinyl chloride material
  • DOP/DINP/ DEHP free
  • FDA approved food contact disposable gloves
  • Colour: Blue
  • Brand: Corestar
  • Manufacturer: Corestar