Tourniquet Pouch

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This tourniquet holder is designed to securely hold the tourniquet and medical shears in one convenient pouch. It is versatile enough for vests, chest rigs, gear bags, belts and compact enough to place in a range of different places. This is a must-have for any emergency situation.

Product attributes:

  • Has slot compartment on the back of the pouch to hold the trauma scissors
  • Lightweight
  • Can hold a variety of tourniquets including CAT, SOFTT, and SAM XT
  • Allows easy access to the tourniquet and the shears in a few seconds
  • Has waterproof coating on the inside of the pouch

Note: Shears and tourniquet from the picture are not included in the tourniquet pouch. You can buy it separately on our website.

Additional Information:

  • Size: 15 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm
  • Weight: 178 g