SaveStation AED Cabinet with Alarm

Regular price $181.05

This AED cabinet makes the AED station more visible and makes sure it is safe. The defibrillator sits inside the cabinet and is visible through the transparent window. This cabinet has enough space for the AED to be stored inside the cabinet with or without a carry bag. The alarm can be wired into a building's security system and can be enabled or disabled with a key that is provided.

Product attributes:

  • Audible alarm triggered when the door is opened. The alarm can be enabled or disabled by provided key
  • Includes external alarm relay enabling connection to a building or central alarm system
  • This cabinet includes all hardware and two keys
  • Comes with a key-locking door
  • Can be mounted to the wall
  • It has a transparent door for easy visibility
  • Made of stainless steel

Additional information:

  • Material: Resin, stainless steel metal+plexiglas
  • Size: 40x38x20cm
  • Alarm system: 3X1.5 V battery
  • Weight 6.5 kg