Salvequick Band-Aid Dispenser

Regular price $24.50

Salvequick Band-Aid Dispenser is loaded with individually wrapped fabric bandages. It protects the adhesive bandages inside while keeping them securely locked. This dispenser is indicated for places where small, non-threatening wounds happen relatively often, such as shops, hotels, offices, workshops, garages, etc. 

Product attributes:

  • Bandages are removed with no risk of soiling the other bandages in the distributor, so the bandages must be used immediately. Adhesive bandages are easily accessed, removing bandages automatically unwraps them. This dispenser helps decrease wasteful usage and theft of bandages
  • The dispenser is wall mountable and is easy to install. The dispenser may hold up to two refills
  • This dispenser is the ideal solution if you spend more than $100 per year to maintain a supply of adhesive bandages, or if your adhesive bandages often go missing

Additional information:

  • Each dispenser contains 72 fabric bandages (1.9cm x 7.2 cm)
  • The bandage dispenser comes as a plastic box that is wall mountable and sturdy