ResqMe, AlertMe, Lifesaver Driver Alert

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Small and lightweight, ResqMe, Alertme, Lifesaver Driver Alert is the latest and safest lifesaver electronic device that helps prevent accidents caused by falling asleep behind the wheel. The Alertme device works by detecting when the user’s head nods while driving or working which indicates that you may be feeling drowsy. When active, the alarm emits a 90 decibels sound which is the equivalent to a police whistle. Its ergonomic design makes it very comfortable to wear and improves vigilance on the road.

 Product attributes:

  • Easy to use
  • Safe and efficient
  • Peace of mind
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy battery replacement

 Frequently asked questions

How loud the is alarm?

The Alertme alarm is about 90 decibels which is the equivalent to a police whistle.

Will it fit on any adult ear?

Due to its flexible rubber tip, Alertme conveniently fits on any size adult ear.

Can I wear it on either ear?

Alertme is designed to be worn on the right ear.

Can this be worn with glasses?

Yes. Put your glasses on first and then adjust Alertme to your convenience.

Does the alarm stop on its own?

Yes, the alarm will turn off when your head is back to the upright position.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the alarm?

Yes! Once behind the ear, you can adjust the sensitivity of the alarm by placing it further down your ear. Keep in mind that setting up Alertme to a lower sensitivity will reduce its effectiveness to nodding due to drowsiness.

How long will the batteries last?

(Standard) Alertme uses (3) LR41 (1.5v 32mAh) Alkaline cells. Under normal storage, the Alertme can be used for about 30,000 nods. Check batteries at least every 6 months.

 Additional information:

  • Dimensions: 3L x 1.60W x 0.5D (in.)/7.60L x 4W x 1.30D (cm.)
  • Weight: 0.4oz/12 gr
  • Materials: ABS plastic/Mercury Free
  • Batteries: Replaceable LR41 (x3). Will last about 30,000 rings