Red Cross 4-Person 72 Hour Disaster Preparedness Kit

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The Deluxe 4 Person Disaster Preparedness Kit is built to give you all the tools you’ll need and more during emergencies and natural disasters. This kit contains a comprehensive list of emergency preparedness supplies such as food, shelter, water purification tablets, first aid supplies, utility tools, communication devices, and more, and is designed to sustain four adults during an emergency event.

This Deluxe Disaster Preparedness Kit stores all of its supplies into a bright red reflective backpack- which is easy to see in low light conditions and easy to grab quickly in the event of an emergency. Its compact nature also ensures it can be stored easily in a closet or under the bed when not in use.

Kit contains:

1-Multifunction Flashlight
1-40 hour emergency candle
1-Emergency Mylar Blanket
1-Biohazard bag
1-Pair of Nitrile-Dipped Gloves
1-Utility Sheet
1-Disaster preparedness bag
4-Aquatabs (Water Purification)
4-3600 Calorie Food Ration
1-High Visibility Vest
4-Dental Swab
1-Multifunction Knife
1-SOS sign
1-Water Container
4-12-hour glow stick
4-Dust mask (2 pack)
1-Pack of waterproof matches
4-Mylar Sleeping Bag
1-Belt Loop Kit
4-Rain Poncho
20-Moist Towelettes

Belt Loop Kit Contents:
1-Belt Loop Kit Bag
1-Vinyl Gloves
1-Simple Wrap – Red
1-Cotton Tip Applicators
1-Nickel Plated Scissors
1-Small ice pack
2-Gauze Dressing Pads
4-Quick Bandage (2.5 cm x 7.2 cm)
1-Canadian Red Cross First Aid Booklet
1-Trauma Pad
1-Nickel Plated Forceps
1-CRC CPR Masks
2-Sting Relief
3-BZK Towelettes
6-Quick Bandage (1.9 x 7.2cm)