ResqMe Keychain Car Emergency Tool

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ResqMe Keychain Car Emergency Tool is a small versatile item that can save your life and your family, is great to leave in the car in case of emergencies. This rescue tool is designed to break the side windows and cut through jammed seatbelts. The ResqMe Keychain is intended to attach to your keychain so you are always prepared for the unexpected. The break-apart design allows ResqMe to be quickly removed from its storage location in an emergency. It features a multi-use, spring-loaded, stainless steel spike head to easily shatter any tempered glass, a guarded blade to slice through malfunctioning seatbelts. This is used and recommended by first responders.

Product attributes:

  • A spring-loaded steel spike breaks tempered car glass with 12 pounds of pressure.
  • Police, firefighters, and paramedics carry these on their keychains to rescue families from auto accidents.
  • This tool is small, lightweight, and automatically resets after each use.
  • The break-apart design allows RecqMe Keychain to be quickly removed from its storage location in an emergency situation.
  • Available in few colors

Additional information:

  • Spike and blade made from stainless steel