Maxill-Kwiky Tube Hand Sanitizer 60mL

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Hand sanitisers are used to clean and sanitize your hands when soap and water are not available. However, the alcohol in the gel can be very drying to the skin. Only a small amount the size of your thumbnail is necessary for your entire hand including your nailbeds. Sanitizers are created with a formula designed to kill harmful bacteria and germs. Maxill-Kwiky Tube Hand Sanitizer is a topical antiseptic hand cleansing gel that is effective in destroying certain bacteria and removing impurities to provide antiseptic cleansing. Use as needed throughout the day as a part of a daily cleansing routine.

Product attributes:

  • 70 % v/v isopropyl/ethanol alcohol
  • Convenient 60mL tube

Additional details:

  • Physical Data: Clear, colourless gel; isopropyl alcohol odour
  • Medicinal ingredient (v/v): Isopropyl/ethanol alcohol 70%
  • Inactive ingredients: aminomethyl propanol, carbomer, fragrance, propylene glycol, purified water