Hand Sanitizer Dispenser With/Without Stand (Gel and Liquid Sanitizer Compatible)

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The Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser provides a touch-free and clean way to sanitize your hands. The touchless hand sanitizer dispenser has a capacity of 1L (1000 ml) and is compatible with both gel and liquid hand sanitizer solutions. A hand sanitizer dispenser stand is also included. The hand sanitizer stand provides height adjustability, providing you with the optimal height based on your users.
This device can also be used as a soap dispenser, providing a multitude of different applications situations.

Hand Sanitizer attributes:

  • Hands-Free (Touchless)
  • 1L capacity (33 oZ)
  • Compatible with gel or liquid hand sanitizer
  • Can be mounted on the wall if purchased without a stand
  • Can be used as a soap dispenser
  • Battery 4 Pcs C batteries (Batteries Not Included)

Stand for hand sanitizer dispenser attributes:

  • Adjustable height
  • The highest can go up to 1550 mm
  • The lowest can go up to 1035 mm
  • Manufactured with a heavy metal base that provides extra stability 

How/when to use:

  • Offices
  • Workplace
  • Businesses
  • Recreational Facilities
  • Gyms
  • Malls
  • Public Areas

Additional information:

  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Input power: 4*AA Battery(not included)
  • Dispenser Type: Automatic Alcohol Gel /Liquid Dispenser
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Material: Plastic ABS
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Color: White
  • Stand for Hand Sanitizer Material: Metal
  • Stand for Hand Sanitizer Color: White