Empty Emergency Eyewash Bottle

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👁️ This Empty Emergency Eyewash Bottle is a flexible, easy-to-squeeze polyethylene bottle. It features a snap-on lid designed to keep the cup clean and capped air vents to prevent contaminated wash from re-entering the bottle. Equipped with a rotating drain tube to quickly release used fluid.👁️

Product attributes:

  • Bottle construction ensures effective irrigation regardless of the position of the victim or orientation of the bottle
  • Eyecup with a snap-on lid to keep cup clean
  • Capped air-vent valve to prevent contaminated wash from flowing back into the bottle
  • Perforated spray plate for a gentle wash; rotating drain tube to release used fluid
  • Ideal for industry, garages, labs, home, and other work locations

Additional information:

  • Material: polyethylene
  • Capacity: 32 fl oz