D-ring Snap Spring Hook Carabiner With Screw Lock

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This carabiner clip is perfect for securely fastening gear to the backpack, belt, or anywhere else. It is suitable for outdoor activities, camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, etc. It is used in daily life for suspending hoses or a dog's leash. It also can be used as handles to hang items or used as a keychain hook.

Product attributes:
  • Comes with a screw lock that is tightened before hanging items
  • Comes in different colors
  • The carabiner can only be used for hanging lightweight stuff. It is not recommended to be used in mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, and high-altitude games for your safety.
Additional information:
  • Material: aluminum
  • Color: 10 colors (optional): black (orange screw); red, orange; light blue; dark blue; green, yellow; pink; purple; black (all black)
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Item Size: 80 * 42mm / 3.15 * 1.65in
  • Package Weight: 24g / 0.85ounce