Basic Burn Kit

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This basic burn kit is essential in the kitchen, restaurants, warehouses, and industrial/commercial areas where the risk of burns exists. This kit perfect for treating minor burns and it includes various wraps and dressings that will not adhere to burned areas. It comes in a convenient wall mountable, waterproof plastic case.

Products attributes:

  • Comes in a plastic case

 Kit contents:

2-Burn Dressing - 5.1 x 15.2 cm (2" x 6")
1-Burn Dressing - 10.1 x 10.1 cm (4" x 4")
3-Burn Gel Packet 3.5ml (1/8 oz)
1-Paramedic Bandage Scissors 4"
1-Roll of first aid tape - 1.25cm x 4.5m (1/2" x 5yd)
1-Conforming Stretch Gauze Bandage Roll - 10.1cm (4")
1-Vinyl Medical Examination Gloves, Powder Free (Pair)
1-Plastic Wall Mountable First Aid Case

Additional information:

  • Dimensions : 8”W x 5”H x 3”D
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs.