AED Ready, AED Preparation Kit

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AED Ready Prep Kit is a must anytime an AED is present. AED Ready Prep Kit contains tools and supplies needed for patient care and personal protection. It is the perfect solution for CPR & AED situations, it increases the possibility of a positive outcome by providing items that may be required in varying situations. It has a pair of latex-free, powder-free vinyl gloves, a pocket breathing mask, paramedic scissors, a chest hair razor, and an absorbent cloth, and a hand sanitizing wipe. These items are housed in a zippered pouch with a carabiner which attaches securely to the handle of the carry case. This case is not very big, and it makes this comfortable to carry around.

Kit contains:

1-Cloth Multipurpose, Blue

1-CPR Pocket Mask with Vinyl Gloves

1-Paramedic Bandage Scissors (5.5”)

1-Double Blade Razor

1-Hand Sanitizing Wipe

1-22cmx14cm Pouch