2-person 72 Hour Emergency Survival Pack, Deluxe

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In any major disaster, you may typically have a 72-hour window before you can get help. This is the ultimate 2-person 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit which is designed to keep you prepared for any disaster or emergency. The survival pack provides you with the essential items of food, water, heat, light, along with everything you need in a personal first aid kit.

72 hour emergency backpack kit includes:
18-Emergency water rations
2-3600 Kal emergency food rations
2-Silver rescue blankets
2-Light sticks 12 hours
2-Ear loop dust masks
1-Toilet paper roll
2-Plastic whistles
1-Flashlight with handle charger 2 Antiseptic towelettes
2-Alcohol prep pads
1-Povidone-Iodine prep pad
2-Hand cleansing wipes
5-Adhesive bandages
1-Knuckle adhesive bandage
1-Fingertip adhesive bandage
5-Adhesive junior bandages
1-Reusable nylon bag (Black or Red).